What happens when you throw together two radio hosts, a stand-up comedian/writer, a Triple J broadcaster and a trained monkey named Raoul, and get them to write something funny?

Well, first, the monkey dies. We just did not know what to feed him. Vale Raoul. And second, you end up with a strange, wonderful and in no way hubristic comedy podcast! Presented by four semi-shevelled Gen Y hipster nerds (alphabetically: Dan Debuf, Luke Ryan, Matt Saraceni and Paul Verhoeven), THE LORDS OF LUXURY PODCAST is definitely destined to become one of the most acclaimed comedic endeavours in all of human history.

So tarry no longer, dear reader! Jam those headphones into your earholes, turn the volume up and wrap your listening gear around the dulcet tones - and shoddy editing - that is THE LORDS OF LUXURY!


The Lords are... (in descending order of height)


Paul Verhoeven (@paulverhoeven)

Paul Verhoeven is a writer, broadcaster and creator of comics. He also enjoys the word 'rusk', and to a lesser degree, the boardgame 'rusk'.

He presented Nerds of a Feather, a twenty minute grab-bag of comedic pop cultural musings each week on the Triple J Breakfast Show with Robbie, Marieke and The Doctor for their two year run, and now continues doing so with Tom and Alex under the new mantle, RUSK, or, in actuality, Nerdy by Nature. He agrees this isn't as catchy. He has also hosted the Triple J Breakfast Show, Triple J Weekend Breakfast, Weekend Arvos, and once, whilst broadcasting with Luke on Syn, he dropped the phrase 'fisting an elk'.

Paul also writes and illustrates a fortnightly webcomic for The Vine called Lessons for Children. Also for the Vine, he writes a weekly tech column entitled Things and Stuff, reviews movies for them, and wrote/hosted a six part television series called Curiageous, in which he drank his own urine and had his arse waxed.

He narrated a truly awful documentary series on ABC2, is a prolific and violent twitterer, and is host of Save Point, a gaming show on ONE. He has also written for Yen magazine, PC Powerplay, Jmag and Filmink, and was once referred to in The Age's The Green Guide as 'the hot, bookish one'. He has no problem with this title.


Dan Debuf (@dandebuf)

Dan Debuf (rhymes with "aloof") is a tv and radio broadcaster, a writer, a performer and just a general media gadabout.

Dan's comedy career began in Perth, where he was an active member of the University of Western Australia Dramatic Society and the Big Hoo Ha Improv comedy group (which has launched the careers of Claire Hooper, Luke and Wyatt, and Tim Minchin).

His subsequent radio career has spanned eight years and he is now the host of Southern Cross Austereo's national drivetime show Dan and Maz, heard in over 60 stations Australia-wide, by over a million listeners per week.

He has thrice been nominated for the Commercial Radio Australia Award for Best Comedy Segment (2009, 2010, 2014) and he was named "Top New Talent To Watch" by Radio Today.

On the TV front, he co-presented The Music Lab on Channel V, in 2010, and has appeared on The Project. He has written for Right Angle Publishing, The Sunday Times and numerous music websites.

He also owns a Lego pirate ship!


Luke Ryan (@lukeayresryan)

Luke Ryan is a Melbourne-based writer, comedian and man about town.

Yet another slightly embittered Perth ex-pat, Luke first moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2007 in order to have a more palatable environment in which to finish up a much-loathed law degree. Whilst there, Luke discovered the world of stand-up comedy, which by all measures was far more enjoyable than his academic pursuits, and was also diagnosed with cancer, which was not. However, not being one to let a life-threatening illness get in the way of a burgeoning hobby, Luke entered the Raw Comedy competition in 2008 and took his bald head and a string of jokes about having cancer to the State Final. This was followed in 2009 by his much acclaimed, sell-out Melbourne Comedy Festival show, Luke's Got Cancer ("Serious belly laughs" said The Age... it was funnier than it sounds) and a handy trip into remission town.

He is currently in the process of writing a comic memoir about his experiences, called I Guess You're Only As Sick As You Feel, due to be published by Scribe Publications in early 2013.

These days Luke spends most of his time writing and is News Editor at the TheVine, as well as having been a contributor to Smith Journal, Crikey, The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings, Time Out, Oh Comely, triple j mag, ThreeThousand, Broadsheet Melbourne and many others. He has sometimes been heard on Triple J and SYN radio, trying to be funny and talk about music. AT THE SAME TIME.

He also enjoys kloofing. The word, not the activity.


Matt Saraceni (@iamnotmatt)

With a host of successful comedy projects under his belt, Matt Saraceni has quickly established himself as one of the strongest up-and-coming comedy performers and producers in Australia.

Born and raised in Perth, Matt tactfully avoided using his law degree and became a timely addition to "The Big HOO-HAA" improvised comedy group. This led to a national Nova nights show “The Action Battle Team” which he created with high-school best friend Dan Debuf. The show was heard around Australia in 2010 with the addition of former MTV presenter Maz Compton. In 2011 the show was promoted to prime time and Matt was the host of the Nova 919 breakfast show “Matt, Dan and Maz”. In 2012 he became a part of Melbourne's Nova 100 mornings show with “Deano”, where he still can be heard today.

Matt has is one-quarter of the sketch comedy group “The Lords of Luxury”, with co-stars Dan Debuf (now heard on 2Day), Paul Verhoeven (Triple J and ABC 3’s Steam Punks) and Luke Ryan (’The Big HOO-HAA’ Melbourne). This year he can be regularly seen performing and MCing comedy in Melbourne with improvised comedy troupe "The Big HOO-HAA" and has appeared at Perth Fringeworld, the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. He is also a presenter on the new SBS2 show "The Feed”.

In 2013, Matt co-created a new improvised web-series called “Written it Down”. Following the overnight success of the first series, Will Ferrell’s comedy website “Funny or Die” featured the show to a large US audience. Having now  amassed a strong following online, it is currently being devised into a live format for comedy festivals, with Matt performing the role of host.

All this has led to Matt being well known for his hard-working, go-getter attitude and the slightly emasculating ocean-blue scooter he rides to work.